First impressions of Nothing Phone 1

With its transparent back, luminous details, and low-Fi ringtones, the Nothing Phone 1 is framed as a playful reinterpretation of the smartphone, a category that has become (in addition to foldable) bidder. It is an expected addition to the world of Smartphones, and nothing would do well to make a place not only against the dominant Apple and Samsung but also against a number of Chinese manufacturers with a lot of industrial power — and financing.

I wanted to hate Nothing’s first phone, which did a lot of work on detailed drip feeding, glamorous shots and a lot of exaggeration. But my first impressions (I’m checking phone 1) are that behind all the noise there is a surprisingly decent Smartphone.

And it’s not too expensive either. Not competing with the flagship cameras, displays and processors has led Unfortunately, there is no Availability Plan in the United States, but the challenge for nothing is to prove that a new smartphone company can exist in 2022.

All the tech deals that are worth your money for The 2-day trade event.

It’s the first day. The Engadget team has been working hard to sort out the offers that are worth their time. We’re aggregating our best finds here and updating our story during Amazon’s sales season. We have deals for many of our favorite wireless headphones, a number of Apple devices including iPads and watches, and of course tons of Amazon hardware. My purchase finger is currently floating above the DJI Mini 2 drone kit.

Apple and Jony Ive are splitting up — and this time it’s real, according to the New York Times. Ive left the tech giant in 2019 after more than two decades and founded his own company called LoveFrom, with Apple as his first and main customer. The publication indicates that both parties agreed not to renew their contract in the weeks before it was renewed. According to reports, I wanted to have the freedom to acquire new customers without having to get permission from Apple.

NASA has unveiled the first color images sent back to Earth by the James Webb Space Telescope. The first image was the Southern Ring nebula, about 2,500 light-years away, taken by the near-infrared camera (Nircam) and the medium infrared instrument (MIRI) of the JWST. NASA says the telescope has observed the gas and dust of a dying star with “an unprecedented level of detail”.”We have collected a number of the most stunning images on the site.