Developer Use Razer for Directional Pad

It works with Loupedeck on The device, which is aimed at live broadcasters and other creators. Many developers use a directional pad like Elgato’s Stream Deck to manage live streams and create art. Razer wants to make movements in space with its own directional pad, the flow controller.

The company is working with Loupedeck on the device, which appears to be a revised version of the Loupedeck Live, with Razer’s marketing muscle behind it. The Stream Controller has 12 haptic Switchblade buttons, six analog dials and eight body buttons, all of which you can customize with the Loupedeck software on Windows or macOS.

The controls allow you to change all types of settings (such as layouts and scenes) on the fly, launch applications and even manage smart home devices.

The adjustment wheels help the flow controller stand out from similar devices. They allow you to fine-tune some parameters, such as Lighting and volume, so you can use them as an audio mixer to balance the microphone, Gameplay and background music.

You can find Plugins, profiles and Icon Packs on the market and create your own actions and macros.

You can configure several control layouts (called workspaces) for special purposes and associate them with the eight body buttons or drag them between them. Digital artists who stream on Twitch for fun can use the stream controller for both work and pleasure, as they can switch to a separate workspace with completely different features.

You can also use the stream controller to control music playback during the day and edit YouTube or TikTok videos at night.

However, you pay a premium for the added value of the dials and other features. The Stream Controller is more expensive than the Stream Deck. Razer will deliver the device this fall.