Check This Awesome Smartwatches for Kids

Many children’s smartwatches focus on body activity – they actually encourage children to get up and move. Kids can check their step counts for the day or get a reminder to get up for a few minutes, but the most fun part is easily the on-screen celebration when a daily activity or sleep goal is reached. Settings can be customized in the parent app, but if a child sets their own alarms or follows their own activity rules, this can be a great way to take responsibility. Some watches allow you to set reminders for things like homework, brushing your teeth, or bedtime.

Activities that are usually mundane suddenly become much more fun when lively celebrations, badges or ranking contests are involved for siblings. If healthy habits are established early, they can be passed on into mature hood (when deep-rooted bad habits are usually more difficult to take).

Can children access social media on a Smartwatch?

For some parents, it will be a relief that children’s Smartwatches are great not only for what they can, but also for what they can’t. Unlike mature Smartwatches, children’s Smartwatches do not promote sharing on social media and usually have no way to go to the Internet. This means that these small devices promote movement, responsibility and routine better than passion checking notifications.

What enjoyment features are included in Smartwatches for Children?

A Smartwatch could replace the need for an entire phone or tablet, but that doesn’t mean enjoyment is completely off the table. Some watches designed for young children offer games with digital challenges and augmented reality puzzles. For such a small screen, the resolution is surprisingly clear and more than enough to keep the children busy in the shops, in the waiting room or in the car online.

From what age should children have their own Smartwatch?

There are no established rules or guidelines, but smartwatches are generally suitable for children 6 years and older. Different watches are aimed at different age groups and contain age-specific features. The bracelet will be an excellent clue. If it is colorful and covered with Spider-Man or Frozen characters, it is probably for young children.

What is the best Smartwatch for Children?

We have collected a selection of excellent smart watches for children from leading brands such as Fitbit and Garmin. In this List there should be something for everyone and every budget.

The Kurio V 2.0 Smartwatch is packed with apps and games for instant enjoyment and even allows users to take Selfies and videos, play single-player and two-player games, send messages to friends, listen to music and much more.

You can expand the memory to 32GB to store a variety of apps and media and keep your kids busy. This Smartwatch also comes with an Activity Tracker, an alarm/stopwatch, a calculator and a calendar. Parents can even add important information such as blood type and allergies in matter of an emergency. Children can choose a dial and a background image, and replacing the ribbons is easy. The included bonus band changes color on your child’s wrist when the temperature rises, which is pretty cool.

Modeled on its mature counterparts, the updated Fitbit Ace 3 uses a three-axis accelerometer and a vibrating motor to track active steps and minutes — it even reminds children to move if they stay still for too long. It also tells you when to go to bed.

The kid-specific content includes 20 animated dials that turn into celebrations when a goal is reached — like a rocket ship taking off as it gets closer to its goal -as well as other fun challenges.