Complete Guidance About UV Phone Sanitizers

Smartphones are known to be rude. You’ve probably heard the toilet seat analogies before: the average phone is between seven and 10 times dirtier than most porcelain thrones, depending on who you ask, and one in six is allegedly contaminated with feces. (Really scary things.) If you check your phone as often as most people […]

First impressions of Nothing Phone 1

With its transparent back, luminous details, and low-Fi ringtones, the Nothing Phone 1 is framed as a playful reinterpretation of the smartphone, a category that has become (in addition to foldable) bidder. It is an expected addition to the world of Smartphones, and nothing would do well to make a place not only against the […]

Preview of Apple WatchOS 9

Apple may have the best Smartwatch, but there are still a few areas where it lags behind the competition, especially in training and sleep tracking. With watchOS 9, the company is bringing a number of robust training updates, in addition to new dials, redesigned apps and the ability to detect sleep zones. Now that the […]

This New Chromeos Flex Tool for Old Windows

Earlier this year, Google announced ChromeOS Flex, a tool that allows anyone to take an old Windows or Mac laptop and give it a new life by installing Chrome OS. After the launch of ChromeOS Flex in early access, Google now claims that Flex is ready to be “widely scaled” on more Macs and PCs. […]