Check This Awesome Smartwatches for Kids

Many children’s smartwatches focus on body activity – they actually encourage children to get up and move. Kids can check their step counts for the day or get a reminder to get up for a few minutes, but the most fun part is easily the on-screen celebration when a daily activity or sleep goal is […]

Surge Protection Device That Absolutely You Need

If you spend a decent amount of money on electronics – as many do these days – the last thing you want is for them to be fried if something goes wrong with the power line. Surge protection devices not only create more connection possibilities but also protect your connected devices from a power surge […]

Complete Guidance About UV Phone Sanitizers

Smartphones are known to be rude. You’ve probably heard the toilet seat analogies before: the average phone is between seven and 10 times dirtier than most porcelain thrones, depending on who you ask, and one in six is allegedly contaminated with feces. (Really scary things.) If you check your phone as often as most people […]

Meta Is Stealing Your Data from Different Places

In Pixel and other trackers, Meta has played a crucial role in building the privacy-free and data-leak-free online world we have to navigate today. The company provides a tracking system that absorbs user data from millions of websites and turns them into advertising gold, and it knows very well that there are many matters where […]

Technology for Home Can Get for Amazon Prime Day

Upgrading your home with the recent technology can be expensive, but Amazon Prime Day is an opportunity to do it for a lot less. Whether it’s robotic vacuum cleaners or smart light bulbs, today there is a whole range of IoT devices and kitchen appliances. Even some of our favorites from iRobot, Shark and Google […]

Apple iPadOS 16 Has Remarkable Features

When Apple integrated its M1 processor into the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2021, I wondered what all this performance was for. The A-series chips used by Apple in previous models worked very well with iPadOS, which was a surprise to see the same processor in computers like the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. With […]

First impressions of Nothing Phone 1

With its transparent back, luminous details, and low-Fi ringtones, the Nothing Phone 1 is framed as a playful reinterpretation of the smartphone, a category that has become (in addition to foldable) bidder. It is an expected addition to the world of Smartphones, and nothing would do well to make a place not only against the […]

Inexpensive Audio’s Amp Sim Pedal

I bought my first tube amp last year after playing guitar for about 25 years. Previously, I relied entirely on solid-state amplifiers and digital models. It was a Revelation. And then, a few weeks ago, I had an almost equally revealing experience when I connected one of Universal Audio’s Uafx amplifier modellers for the first […]

Sony Proclaim Playstation Loyalty Program for Users

Sony has announced its first PlayStation loyalty program. Playstation Stars can register for free and you can earn points by playing games and making purchases on the PlayStation Store. You can redeem these points for items such as PSN wallet balances and certain store products. There will be a “monthly registration” program that will allow […]

Amazon Offer Heavy Discount on Anker’s Eufy Robo-Vacs

There is no shortage of robotic vacuum cleaner offers for Prime Day, but some of the lowest devices belong to Anker’s Eufy family. A number of these Robo-Vacs are being offered for Amazon’s shopping event, with one of our favorites offering a 48% discount. You can choose the Eufy RoboVac 11S Max, which is almost […]

Amazon’s Blink Wireless on sale

Amazon has discounted most of its Blink wireless security cameras for Prime Day this year, but one of the best deals is the budget wired version of the camera. You can now buy a two-pack of Blink minis, which is more than half the original price. In addition, you can buy a Blink indoor kit, […]

Preview of Apple WatchOS 9

Apple may have the best Smartwatch, but there are still a few areas where it lags behind the competition, especially in training and sleep tracking. With watchOS 9, the company is bringing a number of robust training updates, in addition to new dials, redesigned apps and the ability to detect sleep zones. Now that the […]

Essentials Gadget for Students

Engadget recommends a variety of laptops every year as part of our back-to-school guide. However, this is not enough if you want a productive learning environment. Whether you are staying at home as a student this year or returning to campus, you will benefit from a few more important things. A laptop stand is useful […]

Developer Use Razer for Directional Pad

It works with Loupedeck on The device, which is aimed at live broadcasters and other creators. Many developers use a directional pad like Elgato’s Stream Deck to manage live streams and create art. Razer wants to make movements in space with its own directional pad, the flow controller. The company is working with Loupedeck on […]

This New Chromeos Flex Tool for Old Windows

Earlier this year, Google announced ChromeOS Flex, a tool that allows anyone to take an old Windows or Mac laptop and give it a new life by installing Chrome OS. After the launch of ChromeOS Flex in early access, Google now claims that Flex is ready to be “widely scaled” on more Macs and PCs. […]